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Customer Reviews

“This is one of the best car washes in Tyler. My Chevy looks great after being washed and all the bugs are off of the front. I’ll continue to use.” - Peter Dutcher

“I’ve been to two car washes now and this is  cheaper and cleans better! Plus the attendant actually used the brush on 70% of my car not the normal light swipe of the side window and bumper.” - Mark Romine

“I like this car wash! They get the rims really clean and the body gets real clean too. Will use them more often.” - Joaquin Ortiz

“Guys treated me great and got in and out very quickly. It was a great. Thank you very much!!!” - Robert Dickey

“The best car wash in Tyler Texas.” - Matt Malone

“The staff is attentive and will actually wash my rims and windows. My car is always spotless and I will be returning here once the rain is done.” - Zuleika

“Always satisfying to know the team does an amazing job cleaning the car.” - Grey Zamarron