Wash Menu and Unlimited Wash Club

Our Express Tunnel Car Washes

  • Longview

    Our Longview location is the first express tunnel that we built. We have recently undergone renovations to ensure you have a great customer experience. We have a central vacuum system with 22 vacuum spots and 40 drops for your convenience. We've also installed fans under our vacuum canopies to help keep you cool. 

  • Tyler

    Tyler is our third location to have been built. We are located on Old Jacksonville Hwy, right next to Juicys, Chicken Express, Fuzzy's Tacos, and just a short drive from the mall. We have 22 vacuum stalls for you convenience and provide free treats for your furbabies. 

  • Mount Pleasant

    At Mount Pleasant, we have 12 free vacuums for wash customers. Similar to Sulphur Springs, it costs $7 every wash.

  • Sulphur Springs

    Sulphur Springs was our last build. We have 12 vacuum stalls for wash customers. Next door to us we also have a self serve car wash and a laundromat. We also have an ice machine located on spot. 


Our In-Bay Automatic or Self-Service Car Wash

  • Sulphur Springs

    Sulphur Springs has one automatic car wash bay, six self-service car wash bays, six self-service vacuums, one vacuum with fragrance combo, and another vacuum with carpet-shampoo combo.

  • Gilmer

    Gilmer has two automatic car wash bays, six self-service bays, six vacuums, one vacuum-fragrance combo, and one vacuum-carpet-shampoo combo.

Our Wash Packages

Save time and money with our FREE App from the App Store.  Download the app and start saving today.  Our License Plate Recognition camera will know who you are and keep up with your wash club selection.  

  • Unlimited Wash Club

    This program has 3 wash packages to choose from.  Choose your wash package and wash once per day at any Scrubbies Wash USA Express Tunnel location, for one low price.  Your credit card will automatically renew each month and you can cancel at any time on the app.  No refunds for a partial month use.  Your wash club selection will remain in effect through your monthly anniversary date.  No commercial use.  See the app for full details.

    1. Ultimate Scrubbie Unlimited $36
    2. Super Scrubbie Unlimited $28
    3. Basic Unlimited $20
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Added Services

Whether you are one of our regular patrons subscribed to any of the two programs mentioned or getting your car cleaned in a single wash purchase, you can add the following to your service:

  • Simoniz Hot Shine Carnauba Wax $4
  • Tire Shine $3